Enjoy learning via video lessons

Superstar Teacher save a lot of our time and effort going back and forth to tuition centres. The tips and ways to solve Math questions shared from Superstar Teacher are also better than what I get from my tuition classes. I actually enjoy learning this way (via video lessons) and I like how I can repeatedly view the lessons for my weaker topics. After using Superstar Teacher, I achieved 2nd in class for the first time in my primary education! My mother likes this programme too because she can still track my progress via the study tracker feature without supervising my revision.

Qi Qianhao P6, Woodgrove Primary School

How to avoid falling into Questions' trap

I like how the teachers’ explanations are organised and easy to understand. There are a wide variety of questions in each lesson and I noticed that I can easily ace my school exams if I can solve those Superstar questions. In fact, I scored full marks for my Primary 3 Math (SA2). I tend to overlook the requirements for Science questions and often thought they were simple questions. Superstar Science teacher explore the depths of the question with us and teaches us the ways to avoid the traps of the questions. I also have more friends using Superstar Teacher with me now!

Huang Tianai P4, Stamford Primary School

8 pointers for O level!

My mother is the sole breadwinner of our family and my sisters are still very young. When I was struggling with my studies in Secondary 4, my mother told me that she could not afford to hire any tutors for me. This put me under a lot of pressure! Thereafter, she came across Superstar Teacher at a Popular booth and told me to try it out. I was skeptical at first but was surprised to find that the teachers deliver the lessons in such an interesting way! It makes it easier for me to relate and fill in the missing gaps for complex concepts I learned in school. Thank you Superstar Teacher for such a satisfying O level results!

Chen Hou Yu S4, Beatty Secondary School

Top 5% of 2018 PSLE cohort

Thank you so much Superstar Teachers! I was in the top 5% of the 2018 PSLE cohort and was eligible for the Edusave Scholarships for Independent Schools (ESIS). I find Superstar Teacher lessons engaging and really effect in my learning. I can learn at my own pace, anytime, anywhere. The teachers explained the syllabus clearly and made us learnt the concepts in an interesting way. They definitely played a huge part in my success and in helping me get into my dream school.

 Teo Wan Kee (S1, Nanyang Girls' High School)


Cheaper and Better Alternative to tuition classes

As I am self-employed and do not have the time to fetch my children to and fro tuition classes, I decided to give Superstar Teacher a try. I was surprisingly pleased with the outcome. It’s definitely a much cheaper option than home tutors. Besides, I feel that the syllabus covered by the chosen experienced teachers were detailed and well-explained. My children love its interface and how they can easily go back to the previous lessons for revision. I do not have to worry about my children’s progress despite having to travel aboard often because I can log in to view their real time progress via the Study Tracker feature. I highly recommend Superstar Teacher as a better alternative than expensive tutors / tuition classes!

 Wyman (parent)


Stretches my conceptual understanding and flexibility in application of concepts

The Mathematics and Additional Mathematics video lessons in Superstar Teacher are amazing! Not only do the teachers teach the syllabus in a very quick and easily understandable way, questions that are really challenging are also provided. By challenging I mean the really difficult questions, not the usual kind we see in our textbooks or assessment books. This stretches my conceptual understanding and flexibility in application of concepts to solve the question, making the usual questions in my school exams and O level Ten Year Series a piece of cake for me.

 Yap Zhi De (S3, Chung Cheng High School Main)


I had been a faithful fan of Superstar Teacher since 2010. They have helped my four children through the primary and secondary school years. Not only does Superstar Teacher save me a lot of time and money from sending my children to tuition centres, it also gives my child the opportunity to take charge in their own studies. They can decide when and how they want to study based on their needs. It was also proven among my children that the ones who spend more time going through the lessons did better academically. I believe every child can do well when they are proactive and motivated. Thank you Superstar Teachers and team for being part of my children’s academic and character development years!

 Nancy Wong (parent)


Our son was captivated by the lessons!

Caleb is extroverted in nature and it is pretty difficult to get him to concentrate for lessons. However, the methodology and style of teaching used by Superstar Teacher managed to captivate him. We are pleasantly surprised to see him engaging in the video lessons and attempting the exercises on his own. This is not something we get to see often given his outgoing personality. With Superstar Teacher’s help, he scored 97 for English and 99 for Mathematics which in turn got him a top position class. He was also within the top 10% of his cohort.

 Ally Choo (parent)


95 marks for Science

I used to be very lost when it comes to open-ended questions for Science. After watching Superstar Teacher lessons, I can now understand what the questions are asking for and answer them confidently. I have scored 95 for my SA2 Science which I never did in lower Primary!

 Charmaine Chai (P5, New Town Primary School)


Useful tips for examination

I really enjoy the lessons because they are interesting and I can learn at my own pace. I also like how my parents can watch the lessons with me so that they actually know what I am learning in school. Superstar Teachers are lively and they give very useful tips for exam preparation!

 Ashley Ang (P4, Singapore International School, Hong Kong)


Flexibility to revise (even outside of home)

It was less than 4 days to SA1 when Nicole admitted that she needed help for Science. Prior to this, she never had any tuition for the subject. We headed to Popular Bookstore where we came across Superstar Teacher. After viewing some of the trial lessons, we purchased the P5 Science and Math titles. Nicole went through the topics that she was weaker in that very night. Superstar Teacher has also provided Nicole with the flexibility to do her revision even outside of home. With Teacher Constance’s simple and clear explanations, Nicole managed to score 85 marks for her SA1. For her SA2, she scored 90.5 for Science and 92 for Math! Nicole’s results affirmed the usefulness of the programme and I have since signed up my younger child for it.

 Joey Chua (parent)


Convenient and enriching

This is my second time using Superstar Teacher. I initially came across this learning platform in my PSLE year and I had benefited immensely from it. With these positive experiences, I decided to use it again this year. I am currently in Secondary 3 and the workload has increased a lot.The pace of teaching has also increased during lessons. To cope with this, I have been using Superstar Teacher and this is really convenient as I can watch the video lessons at any time. The content is very detailed and the worksheets provided are helpful in making me better understand what is being taught. The Superstar teachers have also explained many challenging questions in a very effective way for me to understand. Overall, my experience has been a very enriching and convenient one.

 Annanya (Tanjong Katong Girls' School)


Flexible and stress-free learning

Learning via Superstar Teacher has provided me with more flexibility in terms of time management as Superstar Teacher's videos can be replayed, unlike tuition lessons where there is a fixed duration (eg. 1h, 2h etc). Breaks can be taken in between videos and I don't feel stressed out most of the time. The videos are rich in information and whenever I don't understand a part, I can rewind back to the question that I had a doubt in.

 Ray Er (Tampines Secondary School)


Among top 3 in class and received an educational award for good progress

My mother bought me the 4 titles when I was having some difficulties with Maths and Science. Unlike tuition classes, these programmes are much cheaper, more flexible and interactive. My mother was able to track and monitor my progress and viewing time. The teachers gave meticulous and well-elaborated explanations, which were important for me. My grades had improved and I even received an educational award for my good progress and was among the top 3 in class.

 Cheryl Chong (Rosyth School)


Engaging lessons that impart important knowledge and concepts

My son was studying in Hong Kong's Singapore International School and after using Superstar Teacher's teaching materials, he was able to better grasp concepts and apply them correctly to his school work and in examinations, His grades were pushed up to an A in Mathematics and a B in Science after half a year of using Superstar Teacher.After relocating back to Singapore, he did well in his school placement tests as he remembered the teachings from the teachers in the Superstar Teacher videos. I will definitely recommend Superstar Teacher to parents who want their children to do well in their studies. The teachers are engaging, funny sometimes and are able to catch the attention of the my son while imparting important knowledge and concepts for the subjects. Also, the teachers taught in such a manner that my son is able to retain the concepts and use them correctly.

 Megan Gee (parent)


Build up Science foundation

The video lessons taught my daughter the Science concepts in an interactive and interesting manner. The revision videos together with the supplementary worksheets helped to build up her foundation for Science. Thank you Superstar Teacher for the great improvement in my daughter’s result after using your programme!

 Harshita (parent)


Impressive PSLE results

We are impressed with our son’s PSLE result. Prior to this, he was not able to catch up with the Science lessons in his school and is constantly struggling. Superstar Teacher allows him to learn at his own pace and replay the lessons that he needs more help with. We also save the time in travelling back and fro from the tuition centre. Through this programme, he attained an A even without any tuition classes. We would definitely recommend this to others.

 Chong Kok Wooi (parent)


Detailed Lessons

Superstar Teacher has played a big part in helping me to achieve flying colours in my SA2 last year. I have always been weakest in Math and yet I managed to score an A*, likewise for English. Thank you Mrs Leong for always making your lessons simple and understandable. Superstar Science lessons are also more detailed than what is being taught and explained in class. No amount of words can describe how thankful I am to have Superstar Teacher programme to guide me.

 Rajkumar Akshaya (P6, Princess Elizabeth Primary School)


Age is just a number

Contrary to our belief that it will be difficult for children to like / focus with video lessons, my son sat through the lessons with total enjoyment! We were surprised when he was able to share with us the difference between the usage of “much” and “few” like the way Teacher Monica taught him through the lessons. He was only six years old! He also liked the newly added assessment feature where he can try out many MCQ questions.

 Kumarasamy Raja (parent)


Effective Home-Study Programme

I came across Superstar Teacher at Popular Bookstore last year when sourcing for a programme to help my daughter to cope with Science. I decided to sign up for the Lower Block Science Bundle as the programme allows my daughter to learn at her own pace and time. She can also view the lessons repeatedly and “consult” the teacher anytime for more difficult topics. Superstar Teacher definitely helped in bringing clarity of the key concepts. It is an effective home-study programme and I am happy that my daughter did well in her study.

 Sam Lee (parent)


Lessons are easy to understand

The lessons are easy to understand and they help me to have a better understanding of what is taught at school. With Superstar Teacher lessons, I actually received Edusave Good Progress Award last year! I will continue with the lessons and hopefully be ready for PSLE in two years time. Thank you Superstar Teachers!

 Ke Xuan (P3, Innova Primary School)


Best in Science in Primary 5

We started using Superstar Teacher Science and English last year. I like how the Science title emphasises on important key concepts and highlight the key words to use for answering of structure questions. My son managed to achieve Best in Science and attained the TOP 3 position in class!

 Mrs Cheah (parent)


Online Assessment Feature was a big bonus

I have subscribed to Superstar teacher since beginning of 2018, to supplement my own coaching efforts. Even though my daughter has viewed less than 50% of the topics, she still managed to achieve B1 for all her subjects in Primary 3. I particularly like the Science videos even though the English & Math are equally good. As a parent who is out of touch with the Science syllabus, I find the explanations very concise and clear. The teacher will include tips on how to answer structured questions to achieve full marks. Towards the end of last year they even launched the online assessment feature which is a big bonus. I have subscribed to Primary 4 titles this year and hope that my daughter will do even better with more consistent viewing efforts.

 Mrs Teo (parent)


Superstar Teacher fills up the missing gaps

I decided to let my son try out Superstar Teacher when I realised he had difficulty understanding the model drawing method of solving word problem. Besides, I also found that his Science textbook contents are too little for an in-depth understanding of the topics. Many times, the questions tested are not even covered in the textbooks. Superstar Teacher fills up these gaps for my son and helped him score a 86 for Science and 95 for Math in his SA2. These give me the confidence to continue his P4 learning journey with Superstar Teacher again this year.

 Karen Teo (parent)


A* for PSLE Math

The Math lessons taught me the techniques needed to tackle challenging questions. I also took the English and Science lessons which are very interesting. Thanks to Superstar Teachers, I scored A* for Math and A for English and Science for my PSLE!

 Ethan Chia (P6, ACS Primary School)


Good partner in our homeschooling journey

Superstar Teacher Programme has been a good partner in our homeschooling journey since 4 years ago. Superstar Science has helped my daughter increased her interest towards the subject. I like how the lessons not only taught the concept and theory behind each topic but also prepared my daughter of what is expected in an examination question. This included the answering techniques which we are not able to find in assessment books.

 Fern Chiang (parent)


Above 90 for all Math exam

The Math lesson is very good and interesting as the teacher breaks down complex problem into steps that students can understand. She will then further explain on how to derive the final answer. I find this very helpful because the math problems can be so challenging that even I can’t help my daughter. Nicole managed to score above 90 marks for all her Primary 5 Math exam.

 Chuah Eng Wee (parent)


Lively and Interesting Science teacher

I was all along a “B” student for Science. With Superstar Teacher’s help, I actually scored an A* for PSLE! There are no moments of boredom despite it being a video lesson as Mr Ti is very lively and interesting. The lessons are also structured in such a way that it is easy to understand. Unlike traditional tuition classes, I am now able to learn at my own pace and revisit the topics multiple times whenever I need.

 Yeo Wee Jun (P6, Endeavour Primary School)


BIG improvement after a short period of 3 months

Superstar Teacher is a very good learning online application. Instead of wasting time travelling to tuition classes, my child can just open his iPad or laptop and start learning anywhere. The teachers also spoke very clearly in their online lessons. My child shows big improvement after 3 months with Superstar Teacher lessons. Well done!

 Desmond (parent)


Study, Review and Revise whenever your time permits

We had relocated back to Singapore last year so it’s our daughter’s first year in the local school under the local school curriculum. As a gymnast, she has to train everyday after school and it was quite impossible for her to have any extra tuition lessons. I decided to give Superstar Teacher a go as it allows our daughter to study, review and revise whenever her time permits. Her grades improved for all the subjects we subscribed to! As a mother, I highly recommend Superstar Teacher as it uses our current day technology to provide the ease and comfort of studying for your child at his / her own pace and convenience. This is definitely a key factor in today’s hectic society. Thank you SuperSTAR teacher and we know that we all have a Superstar in the making!

 Annie Lee (parent)


Always looking forward to the next lesson

I have been buying Superstar Teacher programme for my son, Wei Cheng, since he was in Primary 3. Due to the hectic school hours, it is really great that he can view the lesson at his own pace. Teacher Constance has given meticulous and well-elaborated explanations which are important for him to understand the subject in depth. Most importantly, the lessons are taught in a fun and lively way which always kept Wei Cheng looking forward to the next!

 Jason Yeo (parent)


Lessons are interactive and relevant

Our son, Wayne, has a short attention span when it comes to focusing on school work. My husband and I were anxious about our son’s learning curve and the lead up to his exam preparation. This was when we decided to invest in Superstar Teacher Science programme and give him as much support as we can. We found that Superstar Teacher lesson materials are good — they are interactive, relevant, have a clear structure and highlight key areas of focus — more importantly, Wayne found the worksheets especially useful when he was completing his revision. What amazed us was the observation of Wayne being glued to the TV Screen, rewinding the sections to grasp the principles of the subject in question. When we received Wayne’s Primary 4 results in November, we were overjoyed with an A for his Science subject. In the lead up to his PSLE examinations, my husband and I will follow up with the investment of Superstar Teacher because we have seen the fruits of this educational product.

 Veronica Yap (parent)


Slowly but surely

I had been failing my English since P4 and I never made it beyond 5/20 for comprehension. Despite having more remedial class at school, I did not gain reasonable improvement in application concepts. Like a typical convenient approach, my teacher at school merely gave me more practices to practice on. What I needed instead was a teacher who can repeat on the skills and techniques until I understood and Superstar Teacher was just the right tool! I kept watching the lessons and slowly pick up on the English Language. I first scored a D for my term test then C for mid year and prelim and finally gotten a B for my PSLE. I am impressed with the results that this programme gives! Thank you Mrs Leong for the tips and tricks taught within the lessons which deepen my understanding and boost my confidence for English exams!

 Maureen Leong (P6, Ahmad Ibrahim Primary School)


D7 to B3 for Chemistry

The good thing about Superstar Teacher is that I am able to constantly revise the topics which I am weak in without fearing that the teacher would lose patience. I can also work out my own schedule to study and work on the worksheet questions. I like how the revision lessons are structured in a way that even when I have no time, just watching them would suffice for my tests and exams. From a D7 to B3, the result says it all!

 Marvin Tan (S3, Hai Sing Catholic School)


An alternative way to learn

Instead of going for tuition classes (which feels like another day in school), Superstar Teacher is a fun and engaging alternative to learn the same concepts that is taught in school. It breaks down the topics into different smaller parts which help me to digest the information better. I also find myself more willing to learn as the lessons are taught in a video-form. When I first started off in Secondary 3, I had no idea what was going on in my Physics lesson in school and was barely keeping up. Mr Oh’s teaching helped me to have a better grasp of physics. I could finally understand the subject after using Superstar Teacher and have also attained a B in my final year exam!

 Nigel Doo (S3, Catholic High School)


From F to A for Math

I failed my Math in SA1 so my mum decided to subscribe to Superstar Teacher to help me. Teacher Monica’s lessons are engaging with clear and detailed explanations. With her help, I finally managed to score an A in my SA2. Teacher Constance has also helped me score an A in Science for SA2. She is entertaining and I enjoy her classes very much.

 Leia Wong (P5, Singapore Chinese Girls School)


From C to A for Chemistry

I have been using Superstar Teacher for many years but I wish to highlight on how the Chemistry programme have helped me improve from a C (58) to an A (75). Before watching the lessons, I was struggling to understand the concepts of many topics in Chemistry, especially mole calculation. I just could not grasp the concepts and constantly misunderstand the facts given in the questions. Thankfully for Ms Selena’s “3 step method”, I can now conquer the questions confidently!

 Gareth Hoon Chen Lin (S3, St Joseph's Institution)


Aligned with MOE Syllabus

I discovered Superstar Teacher when sourcing for a programme to help my son cope with Science. The fact that their programme is in accordance to MOE syllabus and that my son can view the lessons at his own pace (repeatedly) attracted me to sign up for it. I am able to closely monitor my son’s progress and understand how he interacts during the lesson with the Study Tracker feature. I no longer have to rush my son for tuition lessons or worry that he is not paying attention in class. Superstar Teacher is an effective home-study programme and I am glad that my son did well in his Science exams.

 Serene Ng (parent)


From F9 to A1 for Science

My son has improved from F9 in CA1 to A1 in SA1 for his Science after using Superstar Teacher! Superstar Teacher allows him to learn at his own pace and time at the comfort of our home. I am also able to watch the video together with him to understand more about the school’s curriculum. This is definitely not possible for the usual tuition classes. Through this learning journey with my son, we grew closer and he is now more willing to share his schooling experience with me. I highly recommend Superstar Teacher to children who are struggling with their studies. Happy Learning!

 Shirley Gan (parent)


12 points for O level!

During my education years, I realised that I did not have a good foundation for most of the subjects and was thus not performing well. Superstar Teacher helped me to build up on what I was lacking. Their teachers’ explanations were also clear and easy to understand. With them, I managed to achieve an O-level score within my target. Thank you Superstar Teachers!

 Thu Rein Win Htoo (S4, Bedok View Secondary School)


Many different types of challenging questions

Superstar Teacher provides me with clear explanation of questions which helps me to understand the concepts better. There are also many different types of challenging questions in the lessons which benefited me a lot.

 Zhao Zi Tong (S1, Beatty Secondary School)


Pleased with son's learning journey with Superstar Teacher

My son has been using Superstar Teacher for the past year. Superstar Teacher English title focuses on Comprehension and Cloze Passages which are just what we need as these are the areas where my son is weak in. For Math lessons, it is structured based on different level of difficulty and it helps my son follows the lesson with much ease. My son finds the Science teacher interesting and likes how she uses different experiment tools in her lessons. Overall, I am pleased with my son’s learning journey with Superstar Teacher!

 Li Na (parent)


Studying in my dream secondary school

Superstar Teachers have been useful in helping improve my English, Math and Science. I did well in PSLE and am now in my dream Secondary School. With the Secondary Superstar Teacher series, I know I will conquer the O levels swiftly in time to come.

 Bokil Sai Ashutosh (P6, Compassvale Primary School)


1st in class in Primary 5

I enjoy the online tuition very much as I can watch the lessons repeatedly. I no longer need to travel very far for my tuition. By doing well in my examinations with Superstar Teacher’s help, I was awarded a Young Scholar Award from my school at the end of the year as I got 1st in class.

 He Zihan (P5, Lianhua Primary School)


Superstar Teacher offers what other tutors cannot

2 hours of math tuition every week is insufficient for me. With Superstar Teacher, there are no restrictions on when / where / how long I can view the lessons for. I can easily replay the lessons on the particular topic that I am struggling with. This is not possible with my previous tutors as they have to follow a certain curriculum timeframe in order to finish covering the topics for the year.

 Xavier Lai (S1, Clementi Town Secondary School)


Science experiments help to improve conceptual understanding

We use P5 Superstar Teacher Science and Math. We can now use the time that is saved from travelling for tuition lesson to enhance our daughter’s learning more effectively and efficiently. Superstar Science was especially helpful as the teacher uses many experiments to demonstrate and explain the concept behind the science facts. Our daughter understands better after visualising the experiment as compared to other resources that merely provide information about the topic. The teacher’s explanation is direct and clear and she can learn on her own without much assistance. We also appreciate the team’s effort – where they would regularly email us and provide tips to use the programme effectively.

 Sharon Lee (parent)


Solve math questions more efficiently

We are a homeschooling family. When I found out that my son was struggling with the Primary 5 Math problem sums, I tried to explain the solutions to him. However, he could not understand them. I decided to purchase Superstar Teacher Math to help bridge this gap for me. We both like the video lessons because we can pause them at any time and work on the sums simultaneously. The teachers also provided examination tips and shortcuts which help him to solve the questions more efficiently. It has been a useful tool in our math learning experience and we are looking forward to do PSLE Science and Math with Superstar Teacher!

 Sabrina Quek (parent)


Highest in class for Math and Science

We believe that our children need to have a good grasp of concepts (especially in Math and Science) in order to establish a firm foundation of the subject. Superstar Teachers help to build up their conceptual understanding through the methodical yet easy to understand approach. The content is relevant and allows repeated viewing. Furthermore, it comes with worksheets for our children to practice while watching. By allowing us to view the lessons across various mediums (Phone, Tablet, TV & Computer) liberated the ways our children can learn! Our daughter failed her Math and Science in SA1 but made remarkable improvements by scoring the highest in class for these subjects in SA2. I highly recommend Superstar Teacher!

 Barry Koh (parent)


Understood Math concepts better

My daughter understood the math concepts better after using Superstar Teacher’s programme. I would make her watch the lessons in concurrent with what is taught in school and revise with it before exams. Her Math results improved to 95 marks and her English maintained at 90+. We have purchased next year’s curriculum and my daughter is looking forward to start on the interesting Science lessons by Teacher Constance. There’s no need for tuition as Superstar Teacher has been doing a great job for my daughter!

 Mrs Goh (parent)


Well-organised content and good interactions

Dragging children to go for tuition is a daunting task for both us and them. I knew I need an alternative, especially on subjects which are beyond my capability. Thankfully I found Superstar Teacher! The online lessons are extremely convenient and time effective. The content is well organised and easy to understand. In fact, I will call it a great bonding-learning time because my child and I will watch and learn together. The prompting questions along the lessons are good interaction too. We are satisfied with the high band 2 scores and I treasure the fun and happy learning moments with Superstar Teacher.

 Elsie Ng (parent)


Superstar Teacher is indispensable in my learning journey!

I have great interest in both Science and Mathematics, and I found that Superstar Teacher helped bring clarity to the key concepts and made the lessons more interesting. For more difficult topics, I am also able to 'consult' the teacher more than once, so that helps to reinforce my understanding and appreciation of the topics. Superstar Teacher has become indispensable in my learning journey!

 Liew Yong Sheng (P6, Horizon Primary School)


Every penny spent is well justified

We are thankful to have made an awesome decision two years ago to embark our children with Superstar Teacher. Year after year, we depended on Superstar Teacher as their home coaching tutors. True to its promises, every penny spent is well justified and beyond. Our son, Xavier, has recently completed his PSLE and did well enough to get into his dream Secondary School. Our daughter, Amelia, has also been relying on Superstar Teacher since Primary 3. Besides, Superstar Teacher also treasures and values returning customers like us and constantly provide excellent support and services. Keep it up!

 Lena Chee (parent)


Learn at your own pace and time

I decided to give Superstar Teacher a try when I saw that my daughter, Eileen, was struggling with her Mathematics and English in Primary 2. Eileen enjoys learning at her own pace and time. She likes the fact that she can have a tutor whenever she needs. We saw substantial improvements in her results after a year and that gave us the confidence to continue using Superstar Teacher for the rest of her education years.

 Doreen Law (parent)


Learning together with my daughter

I first purchased Superstar Teacher Primary 4 Science for my daughter in 2017. As it didn’t disappoint, I proceeded to sign up for Science and English this year. What I like about this programme is that even as a parent, I can learn together with my child. In this way, I actually get to know more about her school curriculum and enable me to clear her doubts whenever needed. I highly recommend Superstar Teacher to every parent!

 Kang Mei Chen (parent)


A* and 3 As for PSLE

My mother bought me the English, Math and Science titles at the start of this year. With Superstar Teacher’s help, I was able to catch up with what my teacher was teaching in school. I like the flexibility of learning on the platform as I could simply rewind and replay the video as many times as I need. I scored an A* and 3 As for PSLE and would surely recommend my friends to use Superstar Teacher as well.

 John (P6, Jurong Primary School)


D7 to A1 for Science

I am glad I chose Superstar Teacher Science lessons. Besides making the lessons fun, Mr Oh was clear in his explanations. These made the science concepts easier to absorb and my grades for Science improved from D7 in SA1 to A1 in CA2.

 Sharmell Sonia (S1, Tanjong Katong Girls School)


Study enthusiastically with Superstar Teacher

My daughter is taking PSLE next year and I was most worried about her Science subject as she hated it. We came across Superstar Teacher Science programme and the variety of teaching methods captured her attention. Now, she would enthusiastically revise the Science topics on her own with Superstar Teacher. The well-crafted and detailed explanations definitely aid her in understanding the topics better. I can proudly say that my daughter achieved a high A for Science thanks to Superstar Teacher. Thank you for giving my daughter a fruitful and enjoyable studying experience!

 Yeoh Lee San (parent)


A for PSLE Science

My son struggles to answer the Science open-ended questions in Section B as he always missed out the key words. In the PSLE Science title, Mr Ti will constantly share on how students should phrase their answer and how the points are allocated. By drilling my son with the programme 2 weeks before PSLE, he managed to get an A for PSLE Science.

 Jeslin Wong (parent)


Finally an A for Science with the help of Superstar Teacher

I am weaker in Science and usually scores a B. Teacher Constance explains the concepts in an easy manner and teaches me how to apply the scientific terms more effectively. I am also able to revise by topics and master those that I am weaker in. I finally got my first A for Science in my SA2 exams. Thank you Superstar Teacher!

 Neo Jin Xuan Aaris (P5, Qifa Primary School)


Overall percentage of 91%

Ever since I started using Superstar Teacher, I have a better grasp of the subjects’ topics which in turn help me improve in my understanding of them. Science and Math were considered the tougher subjects for me and yet I still obtained Band 1 for them! This definitely boosts my confidence level as I progress to Primary 5 next year. I will continue to use Superstar Teacher as it is such an excellent learning platform!

 Goh Yi Jie (P4, Palm View Primary School)


Learn Math & Science differently

Throughout my primary school days, I have always been weakest in Science. Superstar Teachers taught me to look at the Science and Math question in a different light. With their help, I managed to ace the subjects in PSLE.

 Liu Jinzhou (P6, Elias Park Primary School)


A for PSLE English

We are very impressed with Teacher Monica’s teaching skills! Despite going for tuition at a prestige tuition centre, my son was only scoring B for his English in Primary 5. I chanced upon Superstar Teacher and upon viewing the trial lessons, I find it very interesting and decided to purchase the title for my son. He eventually manages to score an A for his PSLE English. Thank you Superstar Teacher!

 Ramesh Samidurai (parent)


Learn the correct way to ace Math questions

Superstar Teacher programme teaches me the techniques required to answer Math questions. Instead of figuring out how to solve the questions, I should first identify the type of question it is and use the relevant skill to apply. I am now able to answer the different kinds of Math questions even if it is phrased differently. With Superstar Teacher’s help, I did well for my examinations and will be going into the top class next year!

 Liu Chun Fu (P2, North Spring Primary School)


Interesting Acronyms to help memorise complicated concepts

I was initially doing poorly in Chemistry until I started on Superstar Teacher Chemistry program. As we all know, there’s so much to memorise for Chemistry - be it the formula, the tables, the theories etc. Thankfully, Ms Selena has many interesting acronyms that were very effective in helping me remember those complicated concepts.
Mr Gary was very clear and detailed in his step-by-step explanations for Additional Math and these boost my confidence for the subject. The questions taught by him were also very relatable during my exams.
All in all, it has been a joy learning with Superstar Teacher!

 Gavriel Woon Kaien (S3, Hwa Chong Institution)


Learn Problem-Solving Skills in an easy manner

Learning with Superstar Teacher is something new and yet my child enjoys it very much! He likes how he can view the lessons at any time he wants. The teachers are also awesome as they will impart problem solving skills in an easily understandable manner. We will continue to use Superstar Teacher as our tuition choice!

 Jane Li (parent)


Effective teaching for Chemistry (IP)

Superstar Teacher has helped my son tremendously in his study of Chemistry and preparation of his Sec 3 IP final year exams. Firstly, the curriculum was well-structured and it follows closely to topics taught in school. My son is able to watch the videos and understand the basic concepts before the actual school lessons. Many times, concepts are not explained clearly in class due to time constraint. With Superstar Teacher, my son is able to understand what is taught in school better. Ms Selena is a very experienced teacher who is able to point out students’ weaknesses in the lessons. She will also give them tricks and tips to prevent them for making the same mistake. Her lessons are very interesting as she uses many different mechanisms to help students remember the concepts. My son finds that revision with Superstar Teacher videos is more effective than flipping through the hundreds of pages in the textbooks. Thank you Superstar Teacher for helping him attained an A+ for Chemistry!

 Mrs Yong (parent)


Do not have to worry about missing tuition classes!

It is a great experience to study online with Superstar Teacher at my own pace. I no longer have to worry about missing tuition classes or try very hard to keep up with the tuition curriculum. Superstar Teacher has helped me improved substantially as they teach me how to apply the Science principles correctly to the relevant questions. I would strongly recommend this to other students!

 Rangani Lovina (P5, Qifa Primary School)


Interactive and engaging Maths lessons

The lessons were interactive and Teacher Stacie spoke interestingly about the subject. We were looking around for a course that could engage my child and was recommended Superstar Teacher. My child can follow through the lesson and it piqued his interest enough to want to continue learning. Looking forward to learning more with Superstar Teacher!

 Meiyi Yao (parent)


Exposed to a variety of Chinese Vocabularies

Instead of giving the answers straight, the teacher will break down the different options and explain the meaning to us in detail before revealing the answers to us. Besides, she will also read out the Chinese comprehension passages and explain the tougher vocabulary phrases. This way of teaching exposes me to more Chinese words and phrases which I can include in my Composition to score more language points.

 Yan Zi Xuan (P5, Paya Lebar Methodist Girls School)


Prefers to learn with Superstar Teacher

Superstar Teacher has helped my son a lot in his studies, especially for Math and Science. He prefers this way of learning as it is fun and it allows him to clarify his doubts by repeating the lessons. He is also exposed to a variety of questions of different difficulty level and we believe that he will get better by doing more advanced questions.

 David (parent)


Consistency in Science results

Superstar Teacher program has helped me to do well in my Science constantly. Teacher Constance gave meticulous and well-elaborated explanations which was important for me to understand the experiment-based questions fully. I will continue to use Superstar Teacher for my remaining education years.

 Askshat Garg (P3, Edgefield Primary School)


Flexible e-learning experience

Are you looking for tutors that can teach your child whenever they require help? Do you want a “tuition centre” right in your house without sending or picking up your children? These are possible with Superstar Teacher! It is a great and flexible e-learning experience! My son has been using Superstar Teacher since he was in Primary 4 as he enjoys the flexibility of the program. It is of paramount importance to him especially with the hectic Secondary School schedule. With the help of Superstar Teacher, my son scored the highest in his class for his Secondary 2 SA2 exams and achieved the Outstanding in Science award! I highly recommend Superstar Teacher to all those in need!

 Iris Li (parent)


Save on travelling and waiting time

Superstar Teacher saves us a lot of travelling and waiting time. All we need is a stable network and a mobile phone to start learning! We would usually get our son, Apelles, to complete the English and Math worksheet before marking it for him against the answer sheets provided. He will then watch the video lessons for questions that he did not do correctly.

 Janice Soh (parent)


Builds stronger foundation in weaker subjects

Superstar Teacher program has helped to build up my foundation for my weaker subjects, namely Math and Chemistry, which in turned improves my understanding for those subjects. I am now able to solve the complex questions more easily. I believe that with more practice and constant usage of Superstar Teacher over the holidays, I’ll be able to improve tremendously. I would also like to show my appreciation for Auntie Adeline (from Customer Relations team) for the support rendered in my learning journey with them.

 Chloe Ong (S3, Unity Secondary School)


Independent and proactive learning

We noticed that ever since our daughter started learning with Superstar Teacher, she is more pro-active and would plan her own study and revision timetable. She has also mentioned to us that Superstar Teachers’ explanations were much clearer (than any teachers she had) and they make difficult questions easily understandable. Whenever she has doubts or questions in class, she will automatically go to Superstar Teacher’s videos for help. After a year with the program, we have seen great improvements in her studies. Thank you Superstar Teacher for creating such an excellent learning platform for children to learn!

 Wang Tao (parent)


Able to monitor my son's learning progress

I like the study tracker feature best as I am able to track my son’s learning progress. As my son is in special school, there are no tuition classes that are able to provide him to study in line with his school curriculum. We are so thankful to have found Superstar Teacher! My son has shown great interest in watching Superstar Teacher videos. Whenever he faced difficulty with certain topics, he will go straight to the relevant videos for help. Superstar Teacher is indeed a good source of learning material available 24/7, providing essential knowledge and learning tips for my son. Thumbs up guys!

 Mdm Yap (parent)


Only source of tuition

My son relies solely on Superstar Teachers for Math and Science help. He prefers the programme than tuition classes. He will usually attempt all the questions in the worksheets before watching the video explanation on questions that he struggles with. I would say that this is a better arrangement for him as he can save time from travelling and instead revise the topics as and when he needs. Superstar Teacher is a good option for children who are disciplined enough to manage their own study schedule or for parents who are committed to coaching their children in their studies.

 Elaine Teo (parent)


Learning at the comfort of our home

We like the idea of having a “tutor” to guide our children whenever they need to at the comfort of our home. We started Superstar Teacher when my daughter was in Primary 3 and we saw substantial improvements in her results. This gave us the confidence to continue using Superstar Teacher. My son who is in Primary 1 this year has also joined the sister on board the programme. He particularly likes the English lessons and could replay them up to 4 times a day.

 Carol Tan (parent)


Cost-Effective Programme

My daughter has been using Superstar Teacher studiously since Primary 4. Besides being an excellent online platform for students, I feel that it also saves our time in sending our children for tuition classes. In fact, Superstar Teacher is more cost-effective than tuition classes. With Superstar Teacher’s lessons, my daughter is confident that she will excel in her O level next year, like how she did for her PSLE back then.

 Surojit Dutta (parent)


Keys to Acing PSLE

I started using Superstar Teacher since I was in Primary 5 and I enjoyed the lessons thoroughly. The revision lessons and mixed bag questions in the programme helped me to score A* for Math and A for English and Science for my Prelims. I believe that these are the keys to ace-ing my PSLE and I highly recommend Superstar Teacher!

 Lee J. Y (P6, Xinmin Primary School)


Using Superstar Teacher solely for tuition

I was struggling with Science in Primary 4 and my parents decided to purchase Superstar Teacher to help me. I was awarded with a good progress reward after my final examinations in 2017 as I made great improvement in my Science result. I am now in Primary 5 and is solely using Superstar Teacher programme for tuition. I find the materials informative and appropriate with great explanations from the teachers. It is also more convenient for me to learn online with my heavily-packed school schedule. I no longer have to rush for tuition classes!

 Ho Kah Jun (P5, Yew Tee Primary School)


Constant improvements in all subjects

Since my daughter started your programme in 2017, we are happy to see the constant improvement in her school assessments for English, Math and Science. As compared to her previous tuition classes, she is now more independent in her learning. She will create her own timetable to watch the videos and work on the assignments. Overall, we find that Superstar Teacher has provided a balanced approach for our daughter to understand the lessons effectively.

 Kelvin Choong (parent)


Unique strategies

I like to learn from Superstar Teachers as they make the difficult Math and Science questions look easy. I also picked up various strategies, one of which is the ACE method, taught by Teacher Monica in her English lessons. Her methods have indeed helped me aced my English Comprehension component.

 Chloe Tay (P4, Ai Tong School)


Independent in her learning

In the past, I had to spend hours sitting beside my daughter to go through her homework or to revise for exams with her. Now, with Superstar Teacher, she does her revision independently. She enjoys the lessons so much that she tends to watch ahead of what she is learning in school. At this rate she is going, I’m sure she will make improvements by leaps and bounds. Thank you, Superstar Teacher!

 Mrs Tan (parent)


Able to track her understanding

My daughter who is taking her PSLE this year has been using Superstar Teacher program since 2014. Besides being able to learn at her own pace and time, she uses the practice questions and interactive quizzes embedded within the lessons as a benchmark that she understands the topics well. She is also able to revisit the topics that she is weak at. I will definitely recommend Superstar Teacher to my friends!

 Vanessa Tan (parent)


Variety of Questions of different difficulty level

I use Superstar Teacher's P5 Math and Science programmes for my revision. Through the programmes, I am exposed to a variety of questions of different difficulty levels. I find these more interesting than working on those traditional past year exam papers.

 Rayne Foo (P5, Townsville Primary School)


Well-explained Math Model Questions

Superstar Teacher has been a great help to both my daughters, Jermaine and Joelle. The teachers’ explanations were clear and easy for them to understand, especially so for Math’s model drawing questions, which we struggle to help them with. Joelle is also more confident in her writing after Superstar Teacher English programme. We will definitely continue to use Superstar Teacher for their education!

 Jonathan Lim (parent)


Learn Science with experiments

I personally find it difficult to teach my children the answering techniques for Science questions and I’m so glad to have found Superstar Teacher. Their teacher explains the concepts (sometimes with experiments) clearly and also teaches my child the way to score in common Science exam questions. Besides, Superstar Teacher team would also regularly send email to us, providing tips to use the program effectively.

 Karen Tay (parent)


Better than private tuition

Superstar Teacher’s lessons are interesting and comprehensive. I like the freedom of being able to learn at any time and any place (even when I’m on my way to school). I no longer have to go for tuition classes at fixed timings and my results are now better than the times when I had private tuition. Both my younger sisters are using Superstar Teacher too and we all enjoyed the lessons very much!

 Woon Angel Zara (P5, Paya Lebar Methodist Girls' Primary School)


Explanations were clear and easy to understand

We were sourcing for additional help for our daughter who is in Primary 3 this year and decided to give Superstar Teacher a try because of its flexibility. The teachers’ explanations are clear and easy to understand. Our daughter is able to sit through a lesson on her own without being distracted.
With Superstar Teacher, she has learnt to be more independent, disciplined and responsible as she plans her own timetable for learning. Revision is also made easier as she can focus on her weaker topics and replay the relevant videos till she mastered the concepts. As parents, viewing the videos allow us to learn the appropriate methods to use when coaching our children.

 Lee Bee Leng (parent)


Relevant to MOE curriculum

Superstar Teacher lessons are very relevant to the MOE syllabus and important main points are highlighted throughout the lessons. I enjoy viewing the lessons with my son at our pace and time. In this way, I can familiarise myself with the current school curriculum and help my son in his studies. Like most children, my son finds watching a video more interesting than reading his textbook. Indeed, he improved after using Superstar Teacher – obtaining a B3 for English and A1 for both Math and Science for SA1. I would recommend Superstar Teacher to busy parents or parents who are not familiar with the school curriculum but wishes to help their children.

 Tan Swee Chek (parent)


Oral skills improved

Superstar Teacher allows my son to watch anytime before and after school. Its phone app is also user-friendly. Every lesson was well-explained by the teachers. I would highly recommend Superstar Teacher because it automatically records all activities engaged by your child (e.g. viewing duration, attempted number of interactive quizzes) . My son enjoys answering the interactive quizzes within the lessons. Thank you Superstar Teachers for helping my son improve his oral skill and for maintaining his results.

 Dayna (parent)


Fun and Enjoyable Learning Experience

Superstar Teacher has created a fun and enjoyable learning experience for me. I usually use Superstar Teacher for about 4 hours a day and I really love it!
I used to be weakest in Science but have improved a lot since I started using Superstar Teacher Science. I like how Mr Ti explains the Science concepts in a simple bite-sized way. Teacher Monica’s techniques taught in the Advanced Composition has also made English fun to learn!

 Rachel Tan (P6, homeschooling)


Superstar Teacher boosts my confidence!

As my parents and I do not communicate in English at home, it was very difficult for me to pick up the language and catch up in school. We came across Superstar Teacher at Popular Bookstore and decided to give it a try. I find Teacher Monica’s explanations easy to understand and am able to apply the techniques taught by her for English Paper 2. I am also more confident with English Language now! Thank you Superstar Teacher!

 Huang Tianai (P3, Stamford Primary School)


With Superstar Teacher, I was able to catch up in school!

My English used to be very lousy when I first came to Singapore. It only started improving after we were introduced to Superstar Teacher Program. Thank you Teacher Monica for all your guidance that allows me to catch up with the pace in school.

 Kynan Kee Qi En (P6, Elias Park Primary School)


Superstar Teacher make the subjects easier to learn

My mother bought Superstar Teacher Programs for my sister and me. We both love Superstar Teacher as we no longer have to rush for tuition lessons. It also saves a lot of time for my mother who is the sole breadwinner of the family.
I like Teacher Constance because she makes Science easier to understand. I would usually view the online lessons before going to school in order to understand better when my teacher goes through the same topic in class. My sister likes Teacher Stacie as the teacher makes Primary 2 Math sums simpler for her to absorb.

 Chen Hou Yi (P3, Singapore Chinese Girls' School)


Learning localised subjects even when abroad

I am a homeschooled child and I want to thank Superstar for creating these lessons that guided me on my learning while I am abroad. The lessons were interesting and interactive at the same time. Superstar Teacher Programmes (composition, Math, Science) is definitely preparing me for my PSLE when I return to Singapore in a few years time.

 Yule Low (P4, homeschooling)


Improved by over 20 marks for Science

We were worried about Victoria’s progress in school as she was very weak in Science. Lucky for us, we came across Superstar Teacher which helped Victoria scores 93.8 in Science for her SA2. We are super thankful for the effort Superstar Teacher’s team has put into helping students to cope with their studies!

 Ei Nyein Han (parent)


From fail to pass

Being in the IP programme, I struggled during my first semester and failed my Math and Science during term tests. As I could not fit into the schedule of tuition centres, I decided to give Superstar Teacher a try. The teachers were meticulous and the lessons were well structured and these helped me to understand the subjects better. I applied the methods and strategies taught for my exam and improved tremendously in my final exam! I would recommend Superstar Teacher to all my friends!

 Zoe (S1, Temasek Junior College IP 1)


Progress reports to track your child's understanding

My son, Ernest loves studying with Superstar Teacher. The lessons are interesting, easy to understand and interactive with questions to test his understanding during the lesson. Superstar Teacher will also sent me his progress report via email regularly. With these reports, I could tell whether Ernest is following the lessons. I highly recommend all parents to try out Superstar Teacher

 Alvin Lim (parent)


Top 3 positions in class

At first, my daughter, Amelia was apprehensive of the lessons with Superstar Teacher at first as she felt it was too passive and that she would not benefit from it. To our delight, despite it being online video lessons, Amelia felt that the lessons are very real and it’s as if the teachers are speaking to her literally. She will view the lessons even without our supervision and her grades testified the effectiveness of the programme. Only a year with Superstar Teacher and Amelia has completed Primary 3 among the top 3 positions in her class. We are definitely sticking to Superstar Teacher for her remaining primary education.

 Lena Leow (parent)


PSLE score of 261 + 3 Distinction in Higher Chinese

I obtained A* for both Math and Science in my PSLE result. I scored an aggregate of 261 + 3 for distinction in Higher Chinese. All these would not have been possible without my Superstar Teachers! Thank you all!

 Goh Bing Yao (P6, Pei Chun Public School)


Excellent educational tool

As a boy with very short attention span, Superstar Teacher has managed to grasp Wayne’s interest and helped him to develop a love for Science. As a result, Wayne has managed to keep his Science grades consistent. I feel that Superstar Teacher is an excellent educational tool for the children as it nails down the correct answering method which parents today are unable to deliver that standard of understanding to kids. As a busy working parent, I am also able to assign my kids to watch a lesson and monitor them while I am at work. Moreover, the language and communication style used have attracted both my kids to your learning module and in a way, you intrigued me as well. Personally, I am drawn by your consistent approach in maintaining the learning objectives in your 5 minutes a day question.

 Veronica Yap (parent)


PSLE scorer of 266

I started using Superstar Teacher when I was in Primary 3. The lessons are engaging and have been a great help for me to understand new topics and concepts easily. With Teacher Monica’s tips, I have improved in both cloze passage and comprehension components for English. I can now answer Math questions easily and more efficiently too! The concepts behind the questions for Science were clearly explained by Mr Ti. I wish to thank Superstar Teacher for helping me to achieve A* for all three subjects!

 Nisa Tahsin (P6, Elias Park Primary School)


Step-by-Step teaching method

My children love to go to Popular and they are always drawn by the videos playing at a counter booth. Subsequently, I learned that the videos are from Superstar Teacher. Being a “kiasu” mother, I googled for more information of the program and even signed up for a free account for my children to view them as revision for their examination. Despite only being able to view a few lessons (as we are on trial mode), my son still made an improvement in his last SA2 exam.
I was impressed and officially signed them up for the program as I like how it uses a step by step teaching method. I can also learn together with my children whenever I am free. My children enjoy using the program and I hope they can continue to benefit from the program.

 June Tan (parent)


Increase in motivation to learn

Due to time constraints to send our children for tuition at tuition centres, we started looking for alternatives. After researching and coming across many positive reviews on the web about Superstar Teacher, we decided to subscribe to the Primary 3 and 4 Superstar Teacher titles. Both Jazzlyn and Javier were very motivated to watch the online video lessons and were disciplined in doing all their assigned homework.
My daughter has improved her Math results from 78 in SA1 to 88 in SA2 and my son has improved his Science results from 65 in SA1 to 86 in SA2. Thank you very much to all the Superstar Teachers for boosting my children’s confidence to ace their exams!

 Ooi Mei Yong (parent)


Quality teachers, Interesting lessons

I purchased P5 Superstar Math and English in January 2017 and I was sceptical whether this tutorial learning style will be suitable for my daughter. To my surprise, my daughter loves the video tutorials as she can view them at her convenient time. She even told me to stop her private tuitions as they were not helpful to her at all.
Special thanks to Mrs Leong for explaining the math lessons very clearly and keeping her teaching concepts simple and understandable. Through these, my daughter scored A* for her Math and A for her English during her SA2 exams.
Unlike regular tuitions, Superstar Teacher is an amazing online video tutorial which does a fantastic job in selecting quality tutors to teach the lessons in an interesting way. Keep rocking!

 Ms Vani (parent)


Improved by 26 marks!

Superstar Teacher has helped me in many ways! For Math, Teacher Monica has taught me different strategies to solve the different types of questions. Teacher Monica who also teaches Primary 5 English has guided me on how to solve tricky questions for open ended comprehension questions. For Science, I used to provide answers with a few words or in point form but Teacher Constance has taught me how to answer questions with important key points and in full sentences.
I used to panic whenever I encounter a difficult question but after using Superstar Teacher, I feel more confident when facing challenging questions. The methods taught in the different subjects made it very easy to solve questions in my exams. I have enrolled for P6 courses and am prepared to do well in my PSLE with Superstar Teacher!

 Srinidh (P5, Compassvale Primary School)


Excel even without tuition classes or private tutors

Before we started on Superstar Teacher for my daughter, Wen Li, we used to send her for tuition at Tuition Centres. Not only was it time consuming to travel there, she was always exhausted after the tuition lessons and we felt that she probably did not benefit much from it. We then decide to engage a private tutor for her but they did not help much either – most of the time they only helped to resolve her problem in school’s work. Superstar Teacher online video lessons explained concepts in great details and provide worksheets for her to practice on. The materials provided together with the video lessons indeed helped my daughter achieved good results for her PSLE! Most importantly, she can revise her lessons comfortably any time and anywhere she likes. I am now renewing the lessons for my younger daughter, Jing En, as well.

 Ng Beng Keong (parent)


Helps preschooler to prepare for Primary Education

My son, Aryan enjoys Superstar Teacher lessons very much! The concepts are straightforward and easy to understand. It is what a preschooler needs to prepare for primary education. The lessons can be scheduled on a timely basis for regular learning even when parents are not at home during the day.

 Tejas Barfiwala (parent)


From Normal Academic to Express Stream

Superstar Teacher has helped me to do well in my English, Math and Science consistently. Their teachers gave meticulous and well-elaborated explanations which was important for me to understand the basics fully. With Superstar Teacher’s help, I was promoted from Normal Academic Stream in Secondary 2 to Express Stream in Secondary 3. I will continue to use Superstar Teacher for my future education and I would strongly recommend you to try it too!

 Pearl (S2, Bedok View Secondary School)


From C5 to A2 in Chemistry

With a busy schedule of 35 hours of school lessons, average of 14 hours for homework, 8 hours of CCA practice (excluding days where there are concerts/performance/competitions), 2 hours of music lessons plus practice and 6 hours of sports training per week, it is a challenge to maintain the goal of achieving a minimum B3 for all 8 subjects for a Secondary 3 student without giving up on other interest. Going for tuitions would only add on the demands of the limited 168 hours per week. As such, a more efficient and effective way to understand the concept, revise and score well is required.
I decided to give Superstar Teacher – Secondary 3 Chemistry a try. The lessons were broken down into smaller parts with enough time for each segment to be clearly explained. This enabled me to come up with a revision plan in between my activities to go through the lessons part-by-part. I can also go through the tougher topics a couple more times for better clarity. I was amazed when I scored A2 for my end of year exam as that’s a great improvement from my CA1 which I scored C5. Teacher Selena is very clear in her explanation and she often uses different experiments to support them. She will also provide acronyms to help me remember better. It is clear that Superstar Teacher – Chemistry is what my daughter needs to bring her through the Secondary 4 syllabus.

 Lee Jia Yin (S3, Nan Chiau High School)


Bridging the gaps from school

I find that the Superstar Teacher Science lesson is more detailed than what is being taught and explained in class. The examples gone through in the videos and the worksheets have helped me understand the concepts and fundamentals of each topic. I love the programme and wish to continue for my PSLE next year!

 Kam Shin Kai (P5, Fengshan Primary School)


Improvements within 3 months

My son did very badly for his 2 languages in his SA1 exam. I came to know of Superstar Teacher at Clementi Popular Bookstore and decided to give it a try. I am very impressed by the teaching method and exam techniques that this programme covers.
Within 3 months, I saw my son’s improvements in his comprehension cloze (E.g.
from the usual 0-3/15 to the current 9-11/15). The video has interactive quizzes embedded within which can keep my son focus as well. When he is unsure of certain parts, he is able to re-watch the video. I am able to explain better to him as I have now learnt the right way to coach him.
With so many merit points, I have decided to purchase all the Primary 6 core titles for my son!

 Jeslin Wong (parent)


Learn at your own pace

My child started using Superstar Teacher online videos for self-directed learning when she was in Primary 1. She liked that the lessons allowed her to progress at her own pace. She is also able to learn ahead of what was taught in school and this boost her self-confidence in class. She tends to study for her classes ahead of schedule and review the materials nearer to her exams. She performed well in lower primary and is now in Primary 4. I would recommend Superstar Teacher to children who are self-disciplined and enjoys learning at their own pace as Superstar Teacher provides the relevant curriculum without parents spending time sourcing for materials. This has freed up my time!

 Annette Ang (parent)


PSLE score of 257 with A* in Math and English

Superstar Teacher has played a big part in helping me to achieve flying colours in my PSLE with an aggregate score of 257. I have always been weakest in Math and yet I managed to score an A*. The techniques are taught with practical examples which helped me understand easily. The teachers also have tricks and tips to make those seemingly challenging questions easy. I could also revise any lessons easily whenever I am in doubt. Thank you Superstar Teachers!

 Ng Min Jun Leon (P6, Nan Chiau Primary School)


Detailed explanation

Superstar Teacher's explanations are very detailed and useful for both me and my boy. They have helped my boy to have a better understanding of every subject. By applying the techniques taught in Superstar Teacher for his exams, he achieved significant improvement in his academic result which has earned him a good progress award from MOE at the end of the year. I am extremely proud and happy that he has such improvements. Parents should give Superstar Teacher a try to see the results for themselves.

 Lee Chui Mei (parent)


Real life examples for Mr Oh's Science lessons

I find Mr Oh's lessons engaging and easy to understand. He explains difficult concepts by illustrating it daily life examples. He will also provide useful tips on tricky and common questions in exams. The downloadable worksheets that came with the lessons have also helped in reinforcing my understanding of the concepts.

 Eunice Whey (S2, Evergreen Secondary School)


Up to date teaching materials

I found the lessons to be interactive and that captured the attention of my girls for different subjects. Teaching materials were up to date and the examples were relevant and easy to comprehend. Thank you Superstar Teacher!

 Alvin Loy (parent)


Top 10% in national level!

After viewing the P5 Science and Chinese lessons in Superstar Teacher, I saw great improvements in my results and also progressed from being in the top 25% to top 10% in national level!

 Koh Yi Ying (P5, Zhangde Primary School)


Results improved with better understanding

I struggled with Math and Chinese since Primary 5 before my parents decided to try Superstar Teacher. I certainly do not regret signing up for this online programme as it helped me to have a more in depth understanding of the subjects. With a better grasp of the topics taught and by applying the strategies I learnt from the video lessons in my exams, my results improved tremendously.

 Liew Wei En (P6, Rulang Primary School)


Science explained in a simpler manner

Superstar Teacher gives me a break from assessment papers and books. I often turn to Superstar Science when I am unable to understand a topic as the lessons are explained in a simpler way. I like Superstar Science as homework is only 5 minutes a day!

 Ashley Quek (P5, St Stephen's School)


Writing Skills improved

Thanks to Superstar Teacher Chinese Composition title, my child, Edvin’s writing skills had great improvement after learning the step-by-step guide from the teachers online.

 Phyllis Poh (parent)


Fun and Challenging lessons

The lessons are fun and challenging! I like the interactive quizzes, the teachers and the indexing function that allows me to skip certain parts of the lessons. I tend to do challenging questions beyond my level because I feel a sense of accomplishment after I complete them. The topic on percentage is interesting as we do not have GST in my country.

 Wilson (P5, National High Jakarta School)


Improved by over 20 marks for Science

My Science results have improved from 44 marks to 65 marks! What I like about this program is that I can always return to the previous lessons to recap some of the points that I have forgotten. At the start of Secondary 1, I wasn’t really keen on doing Science as I could hardly understand the subject. After constant revision with Superstar Teacher, I have a better understanding of the Science concepts now. I also have more confidence while doing laboratory practices in school and finishing my school homework at home. I will continue to subscribe to this excellent program for better grades all the way till O’ levels!

 Zolynn Ong (S1, Orchid Park Secondary School)


5th in class without tuition at Secondary 1

I purchased Superstar Teacher for my daughter when she started Secondary 1 to assist her in her daily school work. She used it daily for her revision and also to learn ahead of class. I was amazed that even without tuition; she managed to do pretty well in her final examinations and was among the top 5 in her class. I will definitely purchase Superstar Teacher for my daughter again next year.

 Chia Puay Kiang (parent)


Awarded with Edusave Good Progress Reward

With Superstar Teacher’s help, I made a commendable improvement in my SA2 results in which I score A* for both Math and Science. I was also awarded with the Edusave Good Progress Reward!

 Quek Mei Hui, Christina (P3, Alexandra Primary School)


Top in Class!

My sons are learning from Superstar Teacher online video lessons which provide us with a great flexibility in learning because they can view the programme anywhere, anytime on their devices. There is no need to waste time travelling to tuition centre. They just need to earnestly follow the program, complete the worksheet and homework questions for each lesson. They can revisit the teacher’s explanation to understand better whenever they made a mistake in their homework questions. My younger son was even awarded a Top in Class award after his final exams. Thank you Superstar Teacher for making this convenient learning program to benefit the students!

 Peng Ying (parent)


Got into second best class in Primary 5!

We have been using Superstar Teacher since Jiacheng was in Primary 1. As I found that he could not cope with his studies and barely scraped through his CA1, I tried coaching him but he never seemed to grasp the concepts taught by me. I considered the tuition centre near my home but the reviews I received about the tuition centre wasn’t that positive. Thus, I decided to try Superstar Teacher. In the beginning, I would watch the videos with him every day and further explained concepts that Jiacheng did not understand using Superstar Teacher’s methods. Subsequently, I noticed that his results have improved tremendously. In 2017, Jiacheng even got into the second best class! All these are only possible by his own effort to view Superstar Teacher studiously. I highly recommend Superstar Teacher to other kids and parents in need!

 Helen Jiang Hui (parent)


4 A* in PSLE

I scored 264 in my PSLE thanks to Superstar Teacher! The complicated concepts are broken down for better understanding and the techniques to answering challenging questions helped me a lot during exams.

 Suma Sardar (P6, Anchor Green Primary School)


Ease of Learning with Superstar Teacher

I have been using Superstar Teacher since 2012 and I am a proud mother of my son, Titus. Despite the heavy workload from school and CCAs commitment, he has been coping so well in school. It can really drive a working parent crazy trying to accommodate to all the daily necessities while still keeping a close watch on our child’s performance in school. All thanks to Superstar Teacher for providing us the convenience and the joy of learning all these years. We are now looking forward to prepare for the upcoming battle against PSLE with Superstar Teacher fighting alongside with us!

 Chong Ing Lai (parent)


98 marks for Math

Superstar Teacher has taught me how to apply the correct methods and how I should write my workings for math questions. I scored very well for my Math and my English has improved after I have started using Superstar Teacher. The worksheets are very helpful and I use them for revision before exams. I am very grateful to have Superstar Teacher!

 Javier Lam (P4, Greenwood Primary School)


From a struggling student to a model student

I’m not from Singapore and my English is not very good so I used to have a hard time catching up with my classmates but now they are the ones that have to catch up with me! Before my school teacher starts on any new topic, I would watch Superstar Teacher video lessons first so that I can understand better when it is being taught in school. I used to have a hard time remembering the concepts but after using Superstar Teacher lessons to learn and revise regularly before exams, I can remember difficult keywords and concepts better.

 Beverly Goh (P4, Stamford Primary School)


First in class

My daughter, En Ru has been watching Superstar Teacher since she was in Primary 4. The programme helps her understand Math and Science better and she can always review and watch questions that she is unsure of again. After using Superstar Teacher for almost two years now, En Ru’s Math improved from B to A and her Science improved from A to A*. She was also awarded 1st in class this year. Thank you Superstar Teacher!

 Christine Low (parent)


All ready to conquer the O's!

I will be taking my O-levels soon and Superstar Teacher provides very clear explanations with exam practice questions. It has armoured me tremendously for understanding the subjects and I feel very prepared to conquer the upcoming exams! Thank you Superstar Teacher!

 Jamie Rim (22, Adult Learner)


Questions are staggered according to their difficulty levels

I started using Superstar Teacher in 2016. Entering into upper Secondary, I often struggle to understand what was taught in school with the learning concepts and questions becoming more challenging. Superstar Teacher consists of questions of different difficulty level, from beginner to challenging. With the help of the programme, I am now able to absorb better in school. It had been a memorable learning experience with Superstar Teacher!

 Fang Tian Chi (S3)


Better experience than home tuition

After using Primary 5 Superstar Math and Science for half a year, I found the lessons very engaging and interactive. I also like the fact that there are no restrictions to the number of times I could go back to the same lesson. All these have helped me grasp the key concepts of the lessons and have proved to be useful for my exam preparations.
Superstar Teacher has been a much better experience compared to the home tuition I had previously. I really enjoy using Superstar Teacher!

 Liew Yong Le (P5)


Improvement in English & Math

After going through Superstar Teacher, Glavin is now able to read on his own. He is also able to complete the Superstar Teacher assignment questions. Gerald, who is in the learning support programme class, also showed improvement after using Superstar Teacher. He is now able to catch up with the other students in his class. Thank you Superstar Teacher and we hope that you can come out with an offline version which will benefit our children more.

 Amelia Loh (parent)


My child would dilligently watch the lessons without prompting

Although Ee Fahn was only in Primary 2 this year, he has a keen interest in Science subject. We decided to get him Primary 3 Superstar Teacher Science to give him more exposure. He finds the lessons engaging and most of the time; he would diligently watch the video lessons himself without much prompting from us! He even pesters us to continue with the subscription next year. Well done, Superstar Teacher!

 Tang Kwang Wue (parent)


Learn the right way to structure your answers

PSLE Superstar series are all that I use for preparation for my exams. I am very grateful for the teachers’ clear and concise explanations. They helped me to understand challenging Science and Math concepts. I have also learned the proper way to structure my answers to score points for open ended questions. All these are things that are not taught in school! A very big thank you to all my superstar teachers, love you all!

 Joshua Song (P6)


Fruitful learning experience

I am doing Primary 4 English, Chinese, Mathematics and Science with Superstar Teachers. I have finished the languages programmes within 2 terms and I enjoyed them very much. As for Math and Science, I usually use them as a revision after my teacher has taught them in school. The learning experience with Superstar Teacher has been very fruitful and the lessons are very interesting! I have already asked my parents to buy the Primary 5 titles for me!

 Belle Song (P4)


Full marks for Comprehension Cloze Passage!

I love watching Superstar Teacher lessons as I feel that the teachers can explain the concepts very clearly. Mrs Leong’s lessons are very fun. She will read the passages with various expressions which I could apply for my oral exams. My vocabulary bank has also increased through the interesting passages that she has chosen. The tips taught by Mrs Leong have helped me to score full marks for my cloze passage on various occasions too!

 Yan Zi Xuan (P4, Paya Lebar Methodist Girls School)


Bite-sized teaching points

As a result of being an ADHD child, my son has short attention span and it was very challenging to get him to stay focus on any teaching materials. Thanks to Superstar Teacher, he is able to view the lessons part-by-part at his convenience. He is now able to understand better with the bite-sized teaching points and definitely performing better in school exams. Superstar Teacher lessons are not only fun but also effective! I am definitely going to get the PSLE titles and start drilling him this coming school holidays!

 Wendy Heng (parent)


2nd in class for Math!

My dad acquired Primary 5 Math and Science for me at the beginning of the year. Before Superstar Teacher, I was struggling with both subjects. However, with consistent viewing, taking down notes and attempting the questions from the video lessons, I improved a lot in the mid-year examination for both subjects. I even got second in class for Math which I could not achieve previously. The teachers in the lessons explain very well and teach us to tackle the relevant questions that appear in exams. I would recommend everyone to give Superstar Teacher a shot!

 Nur Ranah Jazlynna (P5, Concord Primary School)


Solve math problems that you can't before

We are a homeschool family and I was referred by a homeschool mum to Superstar Teacher when my daughter was in Primary 4. Few months after my daughter starting watching the online video lessons, I noticed that she could solve many Math problems that she could not do before. I was pleasantly surprised and thankful to have subscribed to Superstar Teacher!

 Samantha (parent)


Improvement in all subjects

I love viewing Superstar Teacher programmes! The teachers are very clear in their explanations of challenging questions and some of those questions even came out in my examination. Thank you Superstar Teacher for helping me improve in my subjects – 80 to 91 for Math; 78 to 88 for Science; B to A for my English Composition.

 Min Jun Leon (P5, Nan Chiau Primary School)


Progressive improvements

Superstar Teacher Science titles have been very helpful for my daughter. We first bought it when my daughter was in Primary 3. She scored 75 for her SA1 Science and 79 for SA2 Science. We decided to let her continue with the programme in Primary 4 as she was progressively improving. By the end of Primary 4, she achieved a score of 87 thanks to Superstar Teacher! We hope that Superstar Primary 5 Science will continue to help her maintain her Band 1 results.

 Lim Kah Wah (parent)


Well-crafted and well-structured lessons

As a homeschooling family, we started Superstar Teacher program in 2016 when my two children were in P5 and P3 respectively. They have benefited so much from the online video lessons. The lessons were well-crafted and the teachers explained the concepts in a clear and well-structured manner which the students can pick up easily. The questions were also well designed and presented in a manner which taught the children conceptual understanding in a sequential manner. Not forgetting the beauty of online lessons is that the videos can be viewed over and over again. Thank you very much for the wonderful lesson packages!

 Joyce (parent)


Time is the essence

My son started viewing Superstar Teacher lessons in the last quarter of 2014. The lessons are well planned with clear explanation. We especially enjoyed the Math lesson and were impressed with the method that was adopted. Since time is the essence in solving Math questions, the short cuts taught came in handy.

 The Pernet Family


99/100 for Math in Primary 5

Thanks to Superstar Teacher, I was first in the level for SA2 Math with a score of 99/100. I am also top 10% in the whole P5 cohort of my school. Mrs Leong’s ways of solving Math inspired me to love Math and strive greatly in the subject. Teacher Constance’s Science lessons are also very interesting and she helped me score a 90/100 for SA1 Science.

 Samuel Neo (P5, Red Swastika School)


Learning is a breeze!

We were relocated to Bangkok for 3 years. We returned to Singapore when my daughter was in Primary 5. It was already the second semester when school started for her. We chanced upon Superstar Teacher online learning and subscribed to the 4 subjects. Learning using this was a breeze! The teachings are clear and easy to understand. During the recent PSLE results, I was surprised that my daughter is able to enrol into the Express Stream despite the short timeline. Definitely thumbs up for the online learning program!

 Anne Tan (parent)


Be independent with Superstar Teacher

This is the second year my daughter Ashlyne is using Superstar Teacher. She started on Primary 3 Science this year and thoroughly enjoyed the lessons. She looks forward to every lesson and is able to complete each session on her own without much supervision. The lessons are interesting and easy to understand as they are broken into different smaller parts. Ever since she started viewing Superstar Teacher, there were several occasions where she was able to solve the challenging questions on her own when she was doing school practice papers. She shared with me that Superstar Teacher taught those questions before. This is indeed a very useful online lesson resource which has helped my daughter tremendously in both Science and Math. It has also taught my daughter to be more independent in her learning. She has scored 80 and 90 marks respectively for her recent math and science exams. Thank you Superstar Teacher!

 Eevon (parent)


Great tutor to both homeschoolers and school going children

We are a homeschooling family and I have been homeschooling my children for more than 10 years with a Christian curriculum from U.S.. I have 6 children; oldest is 15 and youngest is 2 half.
Although my children have received exemption from compulsory education by MOE, they are still required to take the Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE). I was searching for a program that provides good content for the subjects and encourages self-learning at the same time. Being a formal educator, I was very particular with what I was looking for and was hoping to find something that could cater to our needs.
My second child was 11 (P5) when I started searching. A friend recommended SuperStar Teacher to me and shared how it had helped her child in preparing for PSLE. After looking into it, I felt that it met the criteria of what I was searching for. My girl liked the lessons after viewing the trials and we decided to sign up for the P5 Math and Science titles. My child would be able to go through the lessons without me having to sit with her. The lessons were well delivered and systematic and the teachers were engaging. My daughter was able to follow the lessons and learn even though she had not gone through education in our local primary school. The best thing about this program is that the child is able to learn at his/her pace. Lessons can be watched and re-watched until the child understands before going to the next lesson. This is unlike school where the teacher may be unable to ensure everyone has a good grasp of the topic before moving on to the next due to time constraint.
We like this program so much that we signed up for more titles in the following year. This time, we bought the P6 English for my daughter, as well as P4 Science for my third child. In 2015, MOE rolled out changes for the English syllabus but with PSLE Superstar English, my daughter is well prepared for her English paper.
I intend to continue using Superstar Teacher to prepare for PSLE for my four younger children and will not hesitate to recommend it to my friends who ask me for my recommendation. Superstar Teacher is a great tutor to both homeschoolers and school going children!

 Cheong Tsui Ling (parent)


Great choice of comprehension texts

My girl finds Secondary Superstar Teacher English very useful and she is able to apply the methods taught in her examinations. I personally feel that the choice of English Comprehension texts is well chosen. At least now, she is picking up Oliver twist to read as the passage has intrigued her.

 Alicia (parent)


From 60 to 96.5 for Science

When I started Science last year, I found it difficult and boring. During my SA1 examinations, I barely passed the subject with a score of 60. However, all that changed with Superstar Teacher! Teacher Constance changed my opinion of Science as she made the lessons so fun and exciting. With that, I scored 96.5 in my SA2.

 Tarra Leck (P4, CHIJ Primary Toa Payoh)


Chinese improved from 68 to 82 marks

After using the Superstar Teacher programme, my Chinese marks improved from 68 to 82. Thank you Superstar Teacher!

 Emerie Ng (P5, Marymount Convent School)


3 As for PSLE

I started using Superstar Teacher since I was Primary 5. After listening to Mdm Leong’s spectacular methods and formulas, I had a better understanding in Math concepts. I applied the methods learnt to solve problem sums and I always scored A in exam. Likewise for Science, my A in every exam is credited to Mr Ti’s teaching and clear explanation in his Science lessons. I maintain my As in these subjects for PSLE and scored an aggregate score of 253. Thank you Superstar Teacher!

 Faith Neo (P6, Red Sawastika School)


PSLE score of 262

I have cleared many doubts while watching Superstar Teacher lessons as their explanations are very clear and detailed. Also, if there are any concepts that I do not understand, I am able to rewind and watch it again. As a result, I have improved in my studies and achieved impressive results in my PSLE. I highly recommend you to watch Superstar Teacher!

 Yeong Yu Shi (P6, Poi Ching Primary School)


I study more efficiently with Superstar Teacher!

Superstar Teacher has helped me to study more efficiently. I would like to thank Teacher June and Teacher Johan for their engaging lessons. My grades have improved tremendously since I started Superstar Teacher program.

 Darshan s/o Ganesa Moorthy


We've used Superstar Teacher for 2 years!

We’ve been using Superstar Teacher for 2 years and I would like to share my experience for this program. Now that we do not have to rush for tuition classes, we find ourselves having more time for family bonding. The flexibility of the online video lessons also allows us to view the lessons anywhere, anytime and my children can replay the video for as many times as they want. Superstar Teachers gave clear explanation and would practice the questions together with the students to reinforce the concepts taught.

 Peng Ying (parent)


Passionate and Dedicated group of teachers

I have cleared my PSLE this year with a score of 243 (3As and 1A* in Math). I was transferred from an International School to a local school only in March this year and I have to quickly adapt to the local school curriculum.
Superstar Teacher has been my guiding light in this short but intense 7 months journey. From the basics to the advanced problems and solutions, Superstar Teacher has guided me systematically on how to approach any topic, understand the basics, avoid the pitfalls and areas to concentrate on to achieve the best results. I am thankful that I found Superstar Teacher at the right time which acted as the main catalyst in channelling my efforts in the right direction. Special mention to Mrs Leong, Mr Ti and Mr Brendon Buxton for their passion and dedication which is very evident in the way they teach. Kudos to a well organised robust team at Superstar Teacher!

 Annanya Vishwanath (P6, Temasek Primary School)


Full marks for Math!

My son, John, has adapted well when he started viewing Superstar lessons in mid year June 2016. He understood the clear explanations and would repeat the chapter until he understood fully. The courses are well up to date and well organized. He scored full marks in Math, 90 for Science and 85 for English, I am so proud of him! Thank you Superstar Teachers!

 Toe Toe Zaw (parent)


261 for PSLE

There’s no need for tuition with Superstar Teacher! They were all I need for my PSLE!

 Sahid Hidayat


View the lessons anytime, anywhere

Superstar Teacher is now available on Android Play Store. Jun He loves the programme as it allows him to watch it anywhere and anytime. Mr Low explains clearly the Science concepts and keywords needed for Section B. Teacher Monica’s way of teaching is very entertaining and it captures Jun He’s attention. He used to think Math is a very boring subject but not anymore!
As a mother, I highly recommend Superstar Teacher because (i) you can view it anywhere and anytime; (ii) you can view a topic many times until you grasp the concept; (iii) parents who are coaching their kids can view it together with them to gain extra knowledge of the subject; and (iv) the topics are up-to-date, adhering to MOE syllabus.

 Hwee Fong (parent)


Superstar Teacher is the right tool for your child!

We explored Superstar Teacher a year ago and were impressed with its program. I started P4 Science for my son at the beginning of 2016. My son was able to understand the teaching all by himself. Most importantly, he has the flexibility to do it at his free time unlike attending tuition where traveling and waiting time are involved. He did well for his Science and enjoyed it so much that he requested for me to subscribe P5 lessons for him. I have also recently started my daughter with P3 Science. She is someone who hates studying but surprisingly she loves Superstar Teacher program and finds it very captivating. Finding the right tool for children is important and I think I have found mine! Besides my children, I have also benefited from the program. It helps me to understand how certain concepts worked and how it should be taught and these techniques aid me in coaching my children.
In summary, I highly recommend Superstar Teacher for the following reasons:
1. Flexibility of time.
2. Save on traveling and waiting time.
3. Lower cost as compared to tuition.
4. Clarity and ease in understanding.
Note: Do go through it with your child together so that we as parents can value add and reinforce in the teaching.

 David (parent)


2nd in class and top 10% of cohort

Superstar Teacher program has been a home tuition for Faith since Primary 5. She has made tremendous progress over the years. In 2016, when Faith was in Secondary 2, she achieved 2nd in class and managed to be in the top 10% of her school cohort. We are so proud of her! This program allows Faith to study at her own time and pace, which is perfect. No amount of words can describe how thankful we are that we have Superstar Teacher program to guide her.

 Pauline Vong (parent)


Homeschoolers keep up to date with syllabus with Superstar Teacher

I moved to the U.S. five years ago and started homeschooling my three children. I happened to chance upon Superstar Teacher while browsing online. Upon viewing the trial lessons, I find the Math lesson very effective and thus decided to enrol my 3 children for the Science, Math and English course.
Five years on, we are still using Superstar Teacher and we love them! The video lessons fully covered the materials that my children need to learn and they enjoy learning with all the teachers. I would highly recommend this programme to those who are considering enrolling their children in Singapore education.
Thank you Superstar Teachers!

 Rebecca Kleinschmidt (parent)


Using Superstar Teacher since Primary 3

I first bought Superstar Teacher Math and Science in 2013 when my eldest son was in Primary 3. After he took Superstar Teacher courses, he became more interested in Math and Science and has also achieved good results for both subjects. In subsequent years, I continued purchasing more titles from Superstar Teacher and is amazed at how it never fails to help my son achieved good grades. He even got first in class for Math in Primary 4. Till today, where my eldest son has been promoted to Secondary 1, we are still using Superstar Teacher products.

 Sandy (parent)


67 to 89 with Superstar Chinese

Chinese used to be my weakest subject, but after watching Ms Li Lim lessons, it improved from 67 to 89!

 Tan Xian Zhu (P3, Evergreen Primary School)


Full marks in all Science Class Tests!

I lost interest in Science after a year in Primary 3 as the lessons were boring. There were also many key points and word structuring to take note and learn. During the June holidays when I was in Primary 4, I came across Superstar Teacher at Popular Bookstores and decided to try it out. My parents agree to purchase it and I started viewing them daily. Since then, I would score full marks in all my class tests and I even score 91.5 for my SA2 Science. I was ecstatic with my improvement and I think you should try it too!

 Ryarn Leck (P6, Anglo Chinese Primary School)


Homeschooling with Superstar Teacher

My daughter is a homeschooler. She started homeschooling since P1 using a homeschooling curriculum. We only begin to introduce local syllabus to her when she reached P4 in preparation for MOE P4 assessments. In order to give my daughter the additional help and resources, we decided to sign up Superstar Math and Science to give it try. During her P4 year, my daughter followed through the programmes diligently every week. After many months of hard work using Superstar programs, we were pleased to know that her results met the MOE benchmarks. The Superstar programs have proven to be effective in helping my daughter with the local syllabus. We have been signing up with Superstar every year ever since.

 Mui Cher (parent)


We wished to have found Superstar Teacher earlier!

A big Thank You to the team who made this excellent programme available to clueless parents like me. I’m surprised that no parents had ever recommended this program to us. My girl has improved by a whopping 29 marks (54 to 83) for her P3 Science last year. She adores Ms Constance because her lessons are very lively and interesting. Despite having graduated decades ago, I could also understand Ms Constance’s explanations when I sat with my girl during some of the lessons. Without hesitation, we signed up for P4 Science program this year and likewise my girl maintained her score above 80 for Science.

 Georgina Lo (parent)


Big improvement for Math from 49 to 80 marks

I am happy to share that my son’s Math grades improved from 49 in CA2 to 80 in SA2. As a result, he has also received an award for being 3rd in class position!

 Madam Najumoon Nesa (parent)


263 for PSLE with 3A*

As I tend to get 60+ for my science, my parents were worried that it will pull down my PSLE aggregate score. Superstar Teacher was subsequently recommended to my mum by her friend and my mum immediately bought all the available titles for me. I started the online lessons and realised a hug improvement in my results!
I found Mrs Leong’s lessons interesting and paced at a comfortable speed for me to follow. Mr Ti’s and Ms Li Lim lessons were equally engaging. Most importantly, I could practice the exercises on Superstar Teacher with my parents at any time. I also had the freedom to pause the video whenever I wanted a break or if I felt that I could not keep up.
Thanks to Superstar Teacher, I manage to achieve great results for my Prelims with 3 A* and an A, topping my class with an average of 92%. Of course, my results maintained for my PSLE with an aggregate score of 263 (with Merit for my Higher Chinese). All these are only possible with Superstar Teacher and I am now continuing my education with Superstar Teacher Secondary Titles!

 Kelsey Teo (P6, CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls' School)


Flying colours in SA2

I find the composition lessons by Mrs Leong very entertaining and enlightening! My composition improved from 44 / 55 to 50.5 / 55 in my SA2! My English has also improved from 64 to 75.5 in my SA2. I would like to also give credit to Mr Brendan Buxton as I have scored full marks in the synthesis and transformation section. Ms Constance was also very proficient in her teaching. I have scored 91 for my SA2 Science thanks to her! Now, I am preparing to excel in my PSLE with Superstar Teacher PSLE lessons.

 Keerthana Kailasam


PSLE score of 258

I scored an aggregate of 258 consisting of 2 A* for both English and Science and 2 A for both Chinese and Math. I would like to give a big Thank YOU to all Superstar Teachers for preparing me for my PSLE with the tip top strategies during the revision lessons, especially from the intensive drill questions found in the last 5 lessons.

 Jessica Ti (P6, River Valley Primary School)


Science improved from 78 to 90 marks

I enjoy the Science lesson the most and always share with my parents the interesting facts that I learnt from Teacher Constance. I did not disappoint my parents as I improved from 78 in my CA1 to 90 in my SA1 exam!



My son loves Science now!

My son started with very little interest in Science as he could not relate well to the topics. Science is a very broad subject and I struggled coaching him at home. The daily revision we did together was a torture for both of us. I chanced upon Superstar Teacher from Youtube. To my surprise, my son was hooked to it when I first showed him. That was when I decided to give this programme a try.
From this program, he acquired deeper understanding of the topics covered. The teacher gave very good tips on how to answer the common questions in exams. Lessons were conducted in a very interesting manner and it was easy for both the student and parents to understand. Coaching him on revision was much easier than before. My son would also repeat a particular topic over and over again whenever he has doubts. I see a vast improvement in his interest towards this subject and he was doing better than before. I have no qualms about recommending Superstar Teacher to my friends. I also hope my experience can serve as a testimony to other parents who are still hesitating.

 Mrs Cheng (parent)


Superstar Teacher helps Homeschoolers as well!

I’ve always heard about and seen Superstar Teacher at Popular Bookstores and was intrigued. Yet, I never stopped to enquire about the programme as I felt that my children were already well equipped in school.
However, things took a different turn when we embarked on home-schooling in 2014. We based our homeschooling education on an American Christian curriculum and were pleased that our children are no longer spending all their time to study for the sake of passing exams. Still, as Singaporeans, they weren’t exempted from the PSLE exams in P6. My fellow homeschooling peers who had prepared their children for PSLE in previous years highly recommended Superstar Teacher to us. I agree that it suits our family as we did not want to spend our time shuttling between enrichment classes and we loved the flexibility of the “own time own target” format of the lessons. Most importantly, it gave my children a glimpse of the current education system without being fully immersed in it. With Superstar Teacher, we could still keep up with the every-changing formats in school.
My children spend an average of an hour daily on the video lessons and assignments. They have developed the confidence of tackling challenging questions of various subjects.
As a former educator, I am pleased to acknowledge that the teachers explain the complex concepts very well and they are also very engaging. The overall presentation captivates my child’s attention as well. I was surprised when my children affectionately addressed one of the Superstar Teacher as her teacher!
All in all, thank you Superstar Teacher for helping our family. We are deeply grateful!

 The Teo Family


Choosing Superstar Teacher over Tuition

My mother had suggested sending me for tuition classes on many occasions but I insisted that I preferred the help I received from Superstar Teacher. I truly enjoy the convenience of Superstar Teacher as I could view the lessons anywhere with a Tablet and practice on the worksheets provided. I do not have to stick to fix schedule for tuition lessons. With the help of Superstar Teacher, I managed to pass my Math (which I used to fail) and also improved significantly for my Science – from 69 to 87 marks.

 Pearlyn (P5, Mayflower Primary School)


Superstar Teacher bridges the gap from school

My results for Math improved from 73 to 93 for SA1 to Prelim. Some of the challenging questions that came out in my prelim papers were not taught in school before. Thankful for Superstar Teacher, I have come across them in the online video lessons and manage to score marks for those questions. As a result, I also did better than many of my fellow classmates.

 Lim Xiang Long


PSLE score of 263

I have viewed Superstar Teacher diligently from Primary 5 to Primary 6. My effort was paid off when I received my PSLE score of 263 consisting of 3 A* and 1A. With such outstanding achievements, I can definitely get into the choice of my dream school! Thank you Superstar Teacher!

 Meng Chen (P6, Anchor Green Primary School)


15.5 / 20 for Composition

I love Teacher Monica in both P3 Superstar English and Intermediate Composition lessons. I will diligently go through her lessons for 20 minutes every morning before I leave for school. I scored full marks for both oral and listening comprehension by applying the tips that Teacher Monica gives in her lessons. I also scored 15.5/20 for Composition with the pointers I picked up from the composition lessons. Not forgetting that the comprehension strategies taught in the lessons have helped a lot, particularly for the 2 marks question.
I went through the revision lessons for Math and Science during my SA2 preparation and had an enjoyable experience with all the interactive quizzes. I am able to grasp the concept and strategies faster with those quizzes.

 Kayton (P3, Pioneer Primary School)


I got into my dream school with Superstar Teacher's help!

Thank you Superstar Teacher for being with me from Primary 4 to Primary 6. I am currently in my dream school, Crescent Girls’ School, which wouldn’t have been possible without your Superstar Teachers!

 Foo See Yee


255 for PSLE

I grew up in America and joined Nanyang Primary School when I returned for my education. With Superstar Teacher’s help, I scored 255 for PSLE, with A* for English and Science and an A for Math.

 Angie (P6, Nanyang Primary School)


Clear Concepts and Answering Techniques

Teacher Monica explained the strategies and techniques in her Math lessons very clearly and I learned many ways to answer the problem sums. Many times I found questions in our exam papers not taught by my school teacher but instead by Teacher Monica.
I used to very afraid of cloze passages and comprehension. However, after listening to Teacher Monica’s lessons, I find that it’s not that difficult after all! I just need to find the right clues.
P5 Superstar Science has topics from Primary 3 and 4 included as well and I get to recap on the topics in preparation for my examinations. Teacher Constance explained very clearly on the concepts and answering techniques. I only had 4 marks deducted for Section B open-ended questions for my SA2 thanks to Teacher Constance’s tips.
Overall, I had improved in all my subjects with Superstar Teacher and I’m ready to take on PSLE next year with their companionship!



Superstar Teacher turn failures into success

I engaged a tuition teacher for Wilvan when he failed his Science exam in CA1. However, it was not effective as he still failed in SA1. I started him with Superstar Teacher Science in June and I was delighted to see the big improvement in his Science SA2 result.

 Evelyn Lew (parent)


From C to A

Dear Teacher Constance, thank you for your interesting teachings in Superstar Teacher. I like the way you explain the Science concepts as they were easy to remember and understand.
E.g. “What” (W:Wind, H:Humidity of Air; A:Area of Exposed Surface; T:Temperature)
I had a C for Science in SA1 but after attending your lessons, I attained an A in SA2.
You are really a Superstar Teacher!!



English is fun!

My son used to dislike English and learn it only for the sake of his examinations. After subscribing to Superstar Teacher English for two years, he begins to love English and even pick up reading on his own. He will also express his ideas in English more confidently these days. I would like to thank Superstar Teacher for making English so fun to learn for my son!

 Mrs Tan (parent)


PSLE score of 252

My son has always been the weakest in Math and I was worried that this subject will pull down his overall aggregate score for PSLE. I am thankful for Superstar Teacher Math which helped him improve his Math from 60 in SA1 to 90 in SA2! He has also achieved an aggregate score of 252 for his PSLE!

 Ms Ong (parent)


Math improved from 61 to 90 marks

My daughter is overjoyed with her SA2 Math results where she scored 90 marks! Even her teacher in school was impressed with this vast improvement from her SA1 results of 61 marks. I want to thank Mrs Leong for being such an excellent teacher – her explanations and concepts are clear and detailed. Her examples and working are also relevant to the current syllabus. I have to credit my daughter for her diligence to work on the worksheets and for viewing the lessons daily as well. Well done Superstar Teacher Team!

 Mrs Soh (parent)


I fell in love with Math after watching Superstar Math!

I used to dislike Math as I find the subject very difficult to understand. I was failing my Math even up till SA1 in Primary 6. With Superstar Teacher (Math) programme, Mrs Leong explains the questions clearly and somehow she managed to make them very simple to absorb. I finally scored a decent mark of 72 for my prelims!! There were even a few questions in my exam papers that were similar to those in Lesson 3, 11 and 25. I’m aiming to get more than 80 for my upcoming PSLE.

 Michael Adel


Improvement of over 40 marks

I was so worried for Jadrien when he came home with 36/100 for his Primary 3 SA1 Math’s result. I happen to chance upon Superstar Teacher at the Popular Bookstore and decided to give the program a try.
I made it a point to sit down with Jadrien one hour a day, to learn together with him for all the lessons. He would complete the 5 M.A.D. homework questions before proceeding to the next lesson. I would also go through his homework and should there be any incorrect answers, I would ask him to revisit the lesson and revise until he is able to solve the question.
Mrs Phua really explained the math questions very well and I have also benefited from this program by learning many problem sums solving tactics as well!
We were all very comforted when Jadrien came home with 78/100 for his SA2 math. It was an improvement of 42 marks and the school has also awarded him with an excellence award for this remarkable improvement!

 Joyce Wong (parent)


Superstar Teacher did what Tuition could not

Since Primary 1, I would either fail or barely scrape through my Math exams. We came across Superstar Teacher at Popular Bookstore and my mum purchased it for me to try during the start of Primary 5. Surprisingly, my Math results improved from 37 (last result in primary 4) to 85 marks!! It’s amazing how applying the methods taught by Mrs Leong helped me to get an improvement of 48 marks! Superstar Teacher deserves an AWESOME clap because all my previous tuition did not work! Now, my mum will just purchase Superstar Teacher series for me and my sister on a yearly basis.

 Didier Goh


Learning made easy with Superstar Teacher

I am a mother of four and am running a F&B business. As I am unable to fork out time to ferry my children to tuition centres for tuition at different timings, words cannot explain how appreciative I am for Superstar Teacher online video lessons. My children are able to watch them at home at their convenient time and it is proven that the one who uses the program the most is the one who scored best in his exams.
Since 2012, I saw a remarkable improvement in my second son, Christopher. Not only has he gained more confidence when going for exams, he has also improved a lot for his Science after attending Mr Low’s lessons.
In 2013 UNSW Global competition, Christopher was the top 19% of Primary 5 participants in Singapore. In the same year, he was selected to represent his school to join the Singapore Primary Science Olympiad organised by NUS High School of Math & Science.
Christopher is very proactive and took charge of his own learning even till today. He would turn to Superstar Teacher whenever he had doubts on any topic.
I have purchased all the subjects for all my children of different ages and Superstar Teacher has indeed become part of my family’s everyday life and I can’t thank you enough for making learning so easy and effective. Fantastic Effort Superstar Teacher Team!

 Nancy (parent)


Similar questions came out in school exams

There were some challenging math questions in my prelim paper that are similar to those that Mrs Leong have taught. Thanks to PSLE Superstar Math, my math improved by a total of 20 marks from 73 to 93 (SA1 to Prelim).

 Cathy Goh


Fun and Interesting Science Lessons

My son used to hate Science and I am pleased to see that he enjoyed P5 Superstar Science as the teacher’s way of teaching is fun and relaxing. He even shared with me that the teacher will use informal descriptive words / sentences such as “the red blood cell is like a taxi driver” which makes it easy to link it to “transporting oxygen to all parts of the body”.

 Janet Lee (parent)


From 68 to 92 for Math

The lessons were interesting and the teachers will impart lots of skills and techniques that are useful to ace my PSLE. Prior to PSLE, my Math results have already improved from 68marks in SA1 to 92 marks in Prelims. Superstar Teacher is awesome because it’s like having your own home tuition teacher or school teacher any time of the day and I could learn it at my own pace. It is the best educational tool I have encountered and I wish that you will have the content for Secondary level soon!

 Zoe Lim


Third in class

I was failing still failing my Math last year and yet after watching Superstar Teacher lessons, I excelled in my Math and become overall third in class this year! It’s amazing how much it impacted me within a year!

 Victoria Liew


Third in class for math with a score of 92

Moving on to Primary 5, the Math sums became more challenging but I did not fear as I had Superstar Teacher! Initially I was struggling with the topics on ratio and percentage, so I went to view the lessons on those topics and the explanation from the teacher made the topics easier to understand with steps that were easy to remember. I did the mix-bag revision everyday till the days of examination in preparation for SA2. I was elated when I ranked third in class for Math with a score of 92! Thank you Superstar Teacher, Mrs Leong, for this good results!!

 Rachel Ng


Improvement in all 3 subjects

Our son, Guan Liang enjoyed the online lessons by Superstar Teacher. Through the online lessons, he improved in his English, Math and Science. He has also requested to continue the program in Primary 4. We look forward to seeing more products from Superstar Teacher!

 Eve Ang (parent)


Achieved 94 marks for the first time!

Thank you Superstar Teacher Mrs Leong for helping me to achieve 94 marks for my Math exam. I was overjoyed as I did not get Band 1 before!

 Jeremyy Tok


I made my parents proud!

I started using Superstar Math after I scored 68 marks for my Math in CA1. With Superstar Math, I was able to understand the lessons better because I can pause and rewind whenever needed. The questions in the program may be tricky but it was helpful as many of them came out similarly in my exam papers. I was delighted to receive my SA1 Math paper with a score of 84. Most pupils in my class only had an average score of 70, but I was above the average. Although I did not achieve Band 1, I could still see the smile on my parent’s face as I have made a great improvement. I hope to get better results in SA2 and will definitely continue with Superstar Teacher Program next year.

 Dawn Chia Ning


Top PSLE scorer of 267

I have been using Superstar Teacher program studiously since Primary 5 and they definitely play a huge part in helping me attained my PSLE score of 267 aggregate. Thank you Superstar Teacher!

 Chang Yu Xin (P6, Qihua Primary School)


Scored over 80 marks for Math & Science

I have achieved 88 for my SA2 Math and 81 for my SA2 Science! Thank you Superstar Teachers for helping me achieve the results. I have benefited so much from the online video lessons and I hope that other students will benefit from them as well.

 Bryan Leung (P4, Mee Toh Primary School)


A* for Science

Science has always been my weakest subject among all four. Whenever I read the textbooks or listen to my teacher's explanation, I just could not grasp the point and often walk out of the room clueless. I was desperate to get help when my Science marks dropped.
Just then, my mother was introduced to Superstar Teacher. As I watched the trial lessons online, I realised I managed to understand the concepts better as the teachers were very detailed in their explanation and there were added humour to it. With that, I persuaded my mother to make purchase for the titles and I watched the lessons every week.
With concise notes and worksheets, I can better understand the Science concepts and am able to apply them to the various questions I encountered. Also, whenever I do not understand, I can just replay that part over and over again till I get the facts right. This is something our Science teachers can't do!
Not forgetting the 5-minutes-a-day questions which test me on my understanding of the topic. After doing them, I can watch the next video to check my answers and learn how to phrase it better. The teachers also taught me scientific terms to use, as well as terms and knowledge taught at secondary level.
Indeed, Superstar Science has helped me improve my Science grade to an A*.
Superstar Math has also strengthened my Mathematics skill and thinking. The questions are placed into different difficulty levels, from the easier ones to the more challenging ones. These questions test my understanding of the topic and the teacher teaches us new ways to solve it. My Math improved a lot after learning the different techniques to conquer the questions.

 Chang Yu Xin (P6, Qihua Primary School)


Great Improvement in Math & Science

I got your P5 Superstar Science and P4 Superstar Math for my children and both have very good improvement! My boy has improved from 45 to 61 for Science and my girl scored 92 for Math in her SA1 exam. Thank you for your excellent programmes!

 Shirley Phay (parent)


Clear and Precise Explanation

The teachers are very clear and precise with their explanation. Cassandra finds the lessons extremely engaging and interactive. She is now able to grasp the concepts and understand them better. I enjoy viewing the lessons with her too. Overall, it’s an excellent programme!

 Joelle (parent)


Finally, something that works!

We were no strangers to tuition. However, like most children, Sean’s exams results do not show improvement although he would always reply “ok” when asked if he understood his tuition lessons. I only saw an improvement in Sean’s results for SA1 after we subscribed to P4 Superstar (Math). Sean’s regular viewing of the video lessons, coupled with his hard work, finally paid off! He is also more motivated in Math now, thanks to Mrs Leong. She explains the concepts well and clear enough for Sean to understand and apply them in his homework and examinations.

 Vincent Yee (parent)


Superstar Teacher changes Learning Attitude

I must admit I was sceptical during the initial stages of subscription for PSLE Superstar Science and Math in April. As Matthias was taking his major exam in a few months time, it was my last resort to beef up his foundation in these subjects.
However over the months, my wife and I observed the changes in Matthias’ approach in answering the respective subjects’ questions. We also noticed the change in Matthias’ attitude – from powering up the PC with a sulking face at the beginning to an eager child wanting to revise for his subjects now. These definitely give us an indication that Superstar Teacher was giving him more than just tips to ace his PSLE.
Of course, Matthias obtained A for his Science and B for his Math eventually in his PSLE results and we are so proud of him! Thank you Superstar Teacher!

 Raymond Tan & Debbie Tee (parent)


Early Bird Catches the Worm

I used to face plenty of frustration when I had to coach Johann with Math but right now with Superstar Teacher, he is able to reap maximum benefit from the program. While most children are still asleep in their dreamland, I choose to let Johann start his morning with Superstar Teacher. He will view his Superstar Math every morning from 5.45am to 6.15am before school. In this way, it prepares him for his lessons in school and also frees up his afternoons for homework and break sessions. This method is proven to benefit when Johann returned home with 100/100 for his CA1 Math!

 Felicia Tjoeng (parent)


91/100 for Science

I will always make time to sit together with Faith to watch Superstar Teacher. She loves the lessons and looks forward to seeing them all weekend. She would attempt all the 5 MAD questions and complete them. Throughout the program, I can feel Teacher Constance’s passion for teaching. Not only are her lessons engaging, she was also very clear in her explanations. We were ecstatic when Faith achieved 91/100 for her first Science exam in SA1.

 Vincent Chan (parent)


Lively and Engaging Lessons

I started Chelsea with PSLE Superstar (Math) in January 2012 and subscribed to PSLE Superstar (Science) soon after. Both programmes are lively and engaging, making the learning experience extremely enjoyable for Chelsea. For questions that she was too shy to ask her teacher in class, Chelsea managed to clarify them through Superstar Teacher Program. With these, Chelsea’s P6 SA1 results improved tremendously.

 Pang Poh Lan (parent)


From B to A for Math and Science

The methods taught in Primary 5 Superstar Math and Science helped Charmaine in her assignments and exams. By applying them accordingly, she scored 84 for Math and 86 for Science in her recent SA1 exams. These were a leap of over 20 marks in comparison to her results in CA1. I was so impressed that results were seen within a short span of 3 months of using Superstar Teacher! Superstar Teacher indeed prepared Charmaine well for her exams and makes her revision very effective!

 Lynn Tan (parent)


98/100 for first Science exam

I chanced upon Superstar Teacher at Popular Bookstore and instantly knew this is the solution to my daughter, Tiffany’s SA1 Science preparation. The clear explanation in each lesson helps Tiffany understand the topic taught. Moreover, she is able to apply the answering techniques taught for her exams. Tiffany was thrilled when she scored 98/100 for her first Science paper and she would like to extend her thanks to Teacher Constance who makes the Science lesson so fun and interesting!

 Jessie Yeo (parent)


Fully equipped for the examinations

SA1 exams were just around the corner when I found Superstar Teacher programme for my son, Yi Shien. In spite of the short timeframe we had, we managed to complete Lesson 1 to 20 of P3 Superstar Teacher (Science) within 3 days! Yi Shien picked up all the tips from Ms Constance where she often emphasised on how marks are allocated in the questions and how students should answer in order to score them. Now, he answers the open ended questions in a clearer and more systematic way. Besides, I used to be at a loss for answers when Yi Shien asked me about his Math Questions. But after viewing the Superstar Teacher (Math) with him, I am more in tuned with the latest methods of problem solving and am more equipped than ever to help him whenever needed.

 Daphne Chan (parent)


Joyful and Rewarding Experience

Superstar Teacher has been a joyful and rewarding experience for Letitia. She loves how she is able to learn a topic before it is taught by her school. In this way, she is able to master the topic more quickly when it is covered in school subsequently. She is also proud that she is able to help and guide her friends in school. With Mrs Phua’s guidance, Letitia is able to attempt and solve almost any homework question on her own these days!

 Elsie Tan (parent)


A New Found Freedom

Evvie attends tuition, but as the class sizes are usually big, the attention given to her is insufficient. She is also too shy to voice out when she has any questions. With Superstar Teacher, Evvie gains a newfound freedom! She can revisit any topic which she needs more help without fear. The problem sums in Superstar Teacher program are challenging but Evvie was able to follow through the teacher’s guidance. I am proud that my daughter’s grade improved from a mere 60 in her Primary 5 SA2 exams to 77 in her Primary 6 SA1 exams.

 Elton Chin (parent)


Learning together as a family

Delle takes joy in watching P4 Superstar (Math) with me everyday. Ever since we started her on Superstar Teacher Program, she begins loving Math! She likes to challenge herself with difficult problem sums and is more enthusiastic for the subject than ever! Personally, I have become a big fan of the programme too as I learned a lot of problem-solving methods from Mrs Leong in the lessons. As Math questions will only get more challenging over the years, I feel that it is good for me to learn the methods as well, so that I can help Delle when needed.

 Zoe Kara Yeow (parent)


Never too late to start!

My girl had been failing her Math since Primary 4 and she never made it beyond 8/50 for Section C on problem sums. Despite having tuitions at a well-established learning centre, she did not gain reasonable improvement in application concepts. Like a typical convenient approach, the tutor merely gave her more sums to practice on.
I know that my girl needs a teacher who can repeat the lessons and concepts to her and thus 3 weeks before her prelim exams, I signed her up for Superstar Teacher Programme. Due to time constraints, she was only able to complete about 15 lessons and attempted some 5 MAD questions. Despite so, the understanding and skills she picked up from the online lessons helped her tremendously and for once, she scored 39/50 for Section C. Subsequently she scored C for PSLE Math.
I am impressed with the results that this program gives and believe that my girl could have done better if we had started Superstar Teacher Program earlier.
Thank you Mrs Monica Leong for the skills taught within the lessons which deepen my girl’s understanding and boost her confidence for Math exams.

 Michelle Lim (parent)